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Latest Movie Reviews

Funny film for funny kids

I watched this film and despite the fact I was not a kid myself I really liked it. It seems to me the film was pretty good. All children who love puppies and especially Butter ball would love to watch the film over and over again. Both monkey and puppy are cool and funny. I would recommend the film if you have little kids. To put it short, the film was highly enjoyable and very fun and all children enjoy it!


Entertaining and funny

This film caught my attention because it is exciting and boasts a great story line. To put it short, this film is pretty damn good. What is more, the acting is very good all round, and Daniel Craig is beyond any praises. Also, Olivia Wilde is ... gorgeous. Why I liked this film? It boasts a fantastic number of funny scenes and blistering dialogues. This film is just a lot of fun to watch!


Enjoyable and catching

I was a bit sarcastic about this film and didn't expect too much, but now I can say that the film is amazing and I would love to watch it over and over again. I watched it despite all the bad reviews and I didn't regret it. This film is so sweet and it id full of both amazing moments and deep feelings. It's the perfect new year movie, that gives you hope for the year to come!


Entertaining flick with mythological elements

All open-minded people will definitely love this film because it is full of catching scenes and moments. If you go to this looking for an accurate representation of Greek mythology, you'll be disappointed. The film is rather catching, fast paced and brutal.