Celda 211

Download Celda 211 movie produced in 2009, Spain, starring Luis Tosar

Celda 211 (2009)

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This particular Celda 211 movie belongs to the Drama, Action genre and it was created under the guidance of Daniel Monzón and it features such stars as: Luis Tosar, Patxi Bisquert, Manolo Solo. The IMDB rating 7.00 is the following


Plot Summary Juan Oliver wants to make a good impression at his new job as a prison officer and reports to work a day early, leaving his pregnant wife, Elena, at home. His destiny is forever changed by this fateful decision, as during his tour of the prison, an accident occurs that knocks him unconscious. He is rushed to the empty but visibly haunted walls of cell 211. As this diversion unfolds, inmates of the high security cell block strategically break free and hijack the penitentiary. Aware of the violence that is to come, the prison officers flee, leaving Juan stranded and unconscious in the heart of the riot. When Juan awakens, he immediately takes stock of the situation; in order to survive, he must pretend to be a prisoner. Juan develops a dialogue with the violent leader of the riot, Badass, and the two begin a partnership, Badass fully believing that Juan is a new inmate. Negotiations go smoothly...
Actors Luis Tosar
Patxi Bisquert
Manolo Solo
Alberto Ammann
Antonio Resines
Carlos Bardem
Luis Zahera
Fernando Soto
Vicente Romero
Marta Etura
Joxean Bengoetxea
Félix Cubero
Manuel Morón
Miguel Martín
Anartz Zuazua
Director Daniel Monzón
IMDB Rating 7.00 out of 10 (14232 votes)

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