Chut sui fu yung (The Fantastic Water Babes)

Download Chut sui fu yung (The Fantastic Water Babes) movie produced in 2010, Hong Kong, starring Gillian Chung

Chut sui fu yung (The Fantastic Water Babes) (2010)

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Runtime: 89 minutesLanguage: English
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The film Chut sui fu yung (The Fantastic Water Babes) that was made in the Sport, Comedy genre and under the direction of Jeffrey Lau. It unites such movie-stars as Gillian Chung, Lik-Sun Fong, Chrissie Chow and received IMDB rating 5.10


Plot Summary Many myths surround the ancient island of Cheung Chau. Locals believe that a Water Deity watches over the island, taking the form of a handsome youth. One islander, Gill, claims to have encountered him during her suicide attempt after being dumped by her boyfriend. Gill is convinced that she has been given special powers after being rescued. Afraid that she is suffering from head trauma, her loyal friends Jade, Blossom and Mini-Blossom reluctantly play along with her fantasy. Believing in winning the forthcoming swim meet against her romantic rival Fay will also win her boyfriend back, Gill kidnaps champion swimmer Chi to train her from barely able to swim to master the art of competitive swimming. She imprisons him in the home of eccentric islander Harley. With no release in sight, Chi unwillingly starts to train Gill and her friends. Using unconventional methods, Chi soon boosts Gill’s confidence, and at the same time, the two start to fall for each other. The day of the swim meet comes; the Gill’s team is trailing far behind in the race. Suddenly the Water Deity manifests itself in front of Gill. Will divine intervention help her win the swim competition, overcome her insecurities and find true love?
Actors Gillian Chung
Lik-Sun Fong
Chrissie Chow
Stephen Fung
Shengyi Huang
Simon Lui
Keyman Ma
Liang Tian
Natalie Tong
Ava Yu
Director Jeffrey Lau
Singapore: PG |
IMDB Rating 5.10 out of 10 (52 votes)

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