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The Short Films of David Lynch (2002)

The Short Films of David Lynch

Description: An oddball collection of short films from the master of oddity, David Lynch, this release provides a compelling look at some of Lynch's rarely seen shorter works, including "The Grandmother," a story about a boy who grows a grandmother as an alternative to his abusive parents; "The Amputee," a film about an amputee attempting to write a letter; and "The Alphabet," an eerie animation from Lynch's student days. Covering films from the 1960s to the 1990s, this release goes inside the peculiar sensibility and aesthetics of one of our most idiosyncratic filmmakers.
Formats: DivX
Ash Wednesday (2002)

Ash Wednesday

Description: Hell's Kitchen on Ash Wednesday, 1983. Rumors are flying that Francis Sullivan's younger brother Sean, dead for three years, has reappeared. If he wasn't killed by rivals, then old scores still need settling, putting Fran and Sean in danger. An upstart is pressuring the local mob boss, who's Fran's protector; Sean's wife, who thinks she's a widow, has gotten on with her life, but Sean has come back for her. The parish priest, part of the initial deception, is frightened. Bad guys with guns are closing in. Can Fran get Sean and his wife out of the city, avoid a war between rival factions, and hold onto new-found morality? Will the cross of ashes on his forehead protect him? Written by <>
Formats: DVD